After School’s Leader Park GaHee Is Suffering From Rude Replies



“After School” received hot attention as the Son Dambi group. After School’s leader Park Ga Hee is suffering from rude replies from netizens.

Park Ga Hee is an acknowledged dancer having danced for Boa and Psy etc. However the pictures she took with popular group DBSK’s Micky Yoochun was revealed online and now she’s receiving bitter insults.

The photo of them with arms around each other and looking very close made the fans present their unpleasantness through rude replies on her mini hompy. Her mini hompy at the moment is deleted.

Tranlsation Credit: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia



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3 responses to “After School’s Leader Park GaHee Is Suffering From Rude Replies

  1. emily

    omg!!!! that’s actually Park Ga Hee??
    i never thought about that!!
    i thought she was just some new debut artist …
    but actually she was yoochun’s ex-girlfriend!!

  2. haha..
    when i first saw her i thought she looks familiar and her name too but i couldn’t figure out where i’ve seen her.
    A day later i found out she’s Micky’s ex.
    Now she’s already married and had a daughter.

  3. michell won

    gahee is not married and she don’t have a daughter it was a rumor because the fans hated her for being mikey ex so they made it up it’s not true everyone

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