After School’s Leader Park GaHee a.k.a. Micky YooChun’s Ex Girlfriend



Before you start hating, just know that they’ve broken up. It was a long time ago back when she was BoA’s back up dancer. So chill~~ My favourite member from AS is her but i dint know she’s GaHee but who cares who’ve she dated? It’s in the past~~

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a lil something about her..


Name: Park Ga Hee (박가희)
Birthname: Park Ji Young (박지영)
Group Position: Leader, Main Vocals, Rapper
Born: 25th December 1980
Height: 168cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: O
Cyworld Hompy:
Daum Fan Cafe: Dancer Kahi –

Misc. Information:
• Was a famous backup dancer for BoA, JinuSean, 1TYM, etc.
• Previously in the Korean-American girl group, S.Blush whose digital single peaked at No. 2 at the Billboard Hot Dance Chart.
• Did a featuring on Son Dambi’s “Bad Boy” single as a rapper.


Gahee’s info: hottestafterschool



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64 responses to “After School’s Leader Park GaHee a.k.a. Micky YooChun’s Ex Girlfriend

  1. babavivi

    0_0 she is older then Micky~
    hmm.. wonder they dated how long?
    hehehe thanks for sharing

  2. yea~
    older by 6 years! kudos to her XD
    She’s so hot on inkigayo’s stage.
    She doesn’t look 28 at all!

  3. dheeluvjs

    i dunt understand why micky liked her….
    she’s not too pretty though…

  4. weleh

    i hate that picture

  5. thISChICKLOve__RICE__

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….i hate this pix!!!!! WHY…….WHY……WHY…….popa!!!!!=(

    BUT……i too wonder why POpa likes her?????


    BUt…….She is his EX now!!!!


  6. can you give me micky’s blog because i can’t find it
    thanks you very much and have nice day

  7. jian

    yeah me too i’m wondering what he liked with that girl? she’s old too >_<…

  8. dbskyoochunni

    no offense, buht y did yoochun EVEN like her??
    like i mean shes like wat…FREAKINNN 6 years older>.<

  9. dbskaddict

    maybe because she’s hot?? that’s why young guys like to go out with older girls cuz there more ‘experienced’. Well,that’s what my guy friends think… ^^,

  10. Lina

    @thISChICKLOve__RICE__, dbskyoochunni
    maybe because she is gorgeous, talented and very professional? these stars have their own lives when not in front of the camera, you know. As long as they made each other happy, I don’t think it their relationship should be a big scandal. And their fans should want for them to be happy! Please, what are really the chances that Micky will end up marrying any random fangirl? They make a cute couple, and I wish Gahee the best! ^^ I know it’s not easy to debut at that age, when her peers are about 10 years younger. ^^

  11. genesis

    well for whoever out there who said shes not pretty(ur wrong!!!)
    Micky himself said he likes a girl who can really dance..

  12. mayti

    i hate this girl how micky was want this girl i dont understand ok this is the life

  13. bizarrels2vetriangle

    omo! really! *sigh* i guess its okay since its a past..
    Micky Yoochun FOREVER!

  14. noreen

    i’m glad she’s only “EX” of yoochun! =)
    let’s look at the bright side of it! ^^

  15. jungjiyoo

    wow , one of the nunas here is so happy he dated a nuna , hee hee . ^_^

  16. Jun Tae

    Oh im so jealous~!!!!!!!!

  17. Han yoong

    Yeeeee…..Yoo Chun ah dont pose it like that!

  18. inxez

    i thought this girl was married after they broke up.
    i read that once on youtube. i read it last year

  19. Jusmin Kahli

    i think they look good together,,it’s sad that they’ve already broken up…she really looks young so why would you care if she’s 6 years older than micky and besides, he liked her back then..

  20. Ezza

    thnks for sharing :)
    i love dbsk :) hahah^^
    i think Park Ga Hee i hot, really.
    But i knew Micky cant last long..anw, i thought he dont like being in a relationship?
    he doesnt wanna get married…
    thats sad…

  21. Heartbreak96

    gah! i’m so jealous, i luv micky oppa!!! lol, luk how obsessed i’ve becom…but micky oppa is a player ne? and he says he doesn’t wanna get marry, lol

  22. Laurana

    Wahh, seeing those pictures, I’m so jealous! XD
    But… they look good together… especially the last pic, Micky looks so cute and happy! I wonder what he was thinking?
    Ex’s aren’t important anyway, I have ex’s of my own. And besides, it’s not like I have a chance with him anyway. XDDD
    She’s actually really pretty though, I mean both of them are just casual here, but she has SUCH a beautiful face. If he liked her, I’m happy for him! And her. =)
    But since I’m selfish I’m glad they broke up… XDDD
    It’s surprising that she’s so much older, she’s ten whole years older than me!!! But she’s still gorgeous, so who cares how old she is anyway? Love is love.
    But anyway, it’s the past.
    Still, cute pics.

  23. alex.

    i can’t believe it…but wathever that was a long time ago so no worries..

    what did shock me a lot was how big the age gap was for them
    he was really young back then and (i’m saying this by personal experience) is not always good to date people really older than you at that age(he was probably still a teenager..maybe i’m wrong)…
    but still…really older then him!!!
    i wonder how they will act to each other if they ever got together for something or show up on the same place( i meing the groups not them alone)
    anyway byebye

  24. Yi Rin

    I was surprise at this too but why did they break up? She is not getting married. got lots to ask but this is the one that I wanted to know most..
    I don’t think he can forget about her unless he was the one who wanted to part.


    DAMN Gahee is so pretty i hella like her…
    for yoochun to lose a woman like her damn he hella did bad
    its ok cuz i dont really like yoochun too
    they must come to america!!!!

  26. woah T^T
    lucky girl although it’s in the past :p :D

  27. MickyCRAZED

    Well, they look great together!! She is great! and BEAUTIFUL why don’t you guys like her thy look good together! THANXXS FOR SHARING!!=)

  28. RainAfterSchool-

    C’mon man, EVERYONE knows that Micky LIKES older women. Even in X’man, OLDER WOMEN! They look great together! Kahi x Micky LOVE! (bad they’re ex though…)

  29. bashh

    god stop hating on Gahee! ga hee is hot thats why they were together! you guys shouldnt care who she went out with! does it matter!? you guys aren’t dating either of them! its not your decisions!

  30. Mary

    Get over it it was in the past they aren’t going out any more.
    I love Yoochun & Gahee so this was kind of surprising to hear. haha.

  31. tohoshikin

    she’s hot! that’s is why. Hot man love hot lady. Nothing wrong with that. Haters stop being delusional. Just look at her long legs and hot bods, then mirror yourself that enough to answer all the question why Micky was dating her. Geez…. fangirls get a life!

  32. mickey

    i can’t believe it!!!!
    long time ago,i know dis girl oledi.
    but dun know she is leader of after school
    micky… T T

  33. WY

    at first i didnt know who gahee was till i started falling in love with after school. ;] now i see why they both dated. gahee has natural sexiness and she can dance too. micky also has natural sexiness and seduction. hahahh. so quit hating on them.

  34. NemoJJ

    Before you all start bashing GaHee, you all should think first?
    Why should you hate her?
    So if Yoochun date you, you think others would be happy?

    Yoochun loved Gahee a lot.
    In MBC Come To Play 2008, he mentioned about kissing a girl in a ski park and all artists there knew it was after debut.(Hint:Debut in SM and Gahee was in SME also that time. Pics are all showing his times after debut)
    Then, he also released song My Girlfriend. All Chunnie’s fans would love that song cos it is such a cute romantic love song. Note the lyric.
    ~first time when I kiss your lips, you were lovable. It was a bright SNOWING DAY that our love began~
    Snow and ski park. It made sense.

    Try to get to know GaHee…
    She’s an incredible woman.
    She even captured my heart…
    He’s independent, strong-willed, hardworking, caring, sexy, cute and everything.
    though she’s almost 30, she isnt embarassed by her age. Because she shines inside…

    She’s noted as the best female dancer in Korea now and also the best girl group leader.
    Dont hate, spread love~~

  35. xiaoneko

    I agree with NemoJJ. Besides, these guys can barely date at all. Think about it. They’re working the whole time, and if they do start dating, see how many haters they have? Have some sympathy and think before you react to hating.

  36. riceball101

    I don’t know why but i can’t stand seeing Micky with any girls at all..
    i love him so much he is the best one out of DBSK..
    he is awesome…

  37. lovemicky

    I love Micky and I hate her.

  38. SicaLee

    SO CUTE! Two of my fav korean artists…I know they are Ex’s but, I think they are an adorable couple…And she is not “old”…freaking haters…

  39. SicaLee

    @NemoJJ…I LOVE your comment…I couldn’t agree more!!! :D

  40. yat

    OMG!!i like yoochun wit park min young….they r so cute together…

  41. Sunho

    i’m not jealous at all…. i don’t hate Gahee….(although i’m one of the cassies)

  42. jewlz

    in all honesty..SHE’S TOO PRETTTTTYYYYYY FOR HIM!! Micky is OK n all…but yups she could have done better!!!! YOUNG “boys” are soo inexperienced!!

  43. yunnielove

    lol, even though im a die hard dong bang fan and i love yuchun to death, I think Kahi is kinda equal/better than him?
    He cheated on her LOL he said so himself, though he regretted it.
    Anyway, I bet yoochun enjoyed every moment he was together with her, she’s hot, she’s sexy, she can sing rap and dance, she’s kind too.
    Smexy Chun with Smouldering Kahi.
    Just kinda upset that they broke up, they make a great couple.

  44. Ag

    geez…seriously…all this crazy fan girls…what makes you think micky will go after you??in his world you’re just like “commoner” when he’s like the royalty of kpop…
    as a fan you should be happy that your fav artist is dating and not a LONER…what they do is their own business so we as fans should just mind our own..

    p/s: i think kahi deserved better..she’s too hot for him…even though he’s kinda cute..

  45. i hate crazy fangirls. park kahi is the best female leader in KPOP. shes freaking gorgeous. besides, they already broke up. so what

  46. kyannshii

    they look good together…

  47. nindya

    well,,i like them together honestly..I’m a cassiopeia and I don’t mind about this,,,they look good together

  48. section 1

    i think this girl was played her role as yoochun’s wife @ dating on earth k-movie.
    don’t compare her with these days standard female artist : big eyes, blond hairs, and skinny, ga-hee nuna was far from that standard. she has a good shape body n maybe that’s why mickey crushed-on her. in that movie she played as mickey’s wife n teacher. there was a bed scene too ^ ^

  49. annie

    park yoochun dated someone older than him…. 6 years? oh then, you can date me my chunnie…. i maybe older than you but really, i look young than my age…

  50. Joongie

    =^w^= Even though they’ve broken up, I’m glad Yoochun oppa was able to find someone he cared for, someone he could be with~ <3

    And to all of the people who are like "Why would he date her?" and blahblahblah. :3 Because he wanted to~

    And as his fans, you should respect that. ^^ And support his decisions~

    I think he did well in picking her.
    And it's sad that they broke up. :(
    But I know he'll find someone~! So I wish him luck.
    And yeah, I'll be a little jealous. :)
    But it's not like I have a chance, I can support him as a fan~ ^^
    And that is enough for me~~~

    Yoochunnie oppa, fighting!! <3

  51. vivi

    i think because of that time,micky still young…i think that pic show that he was 17 years old only…so maybe his mak chiu dak tiok stan liao…lol…

  52. lynn_60

    I understand how u guys feel, because I’m Yoochun oppa’s fan too…
    But, I’m still glad that he’s ex-GF is her… cause I’m really adore her.. She’s not old as her age, and she’s a leader too… and a dancer too….

    It’s better than (no offence) a bunch of cutyie-pie girl who loves too show their cuteness…. so what if she’s older?? it’s a heart thing…

    Anyway, They’re an EX now… I hope Oppa will find someone who loves you as much as I do….>.<

  53. Jolie

    oh my god losers, my mom is six years older than my dad.
    it’s not that big of a deal.
    asian women age really well, and besides Kahi is HOT STUFF. She’s really elegantly beautiful, like a regal queen, not like “cute” or “doll” pretty like other idols. And she seems cool.

  54. Aorihanazari

    Wahh. Why did they break up? Gahee, I bet, can kick all of you jealous asses (and only those being asses). Sheesh. Be happy for your idol if you truly love him. Idols are people and they have no pledged exclusivity with any of the fans. You fangirls or boys are not dating them so don’t be stupid and go crazy.

  55. cloud

    i really freakin’ inlove with micky yoochun!!!!!!!!
    actually she’s my favorite member of after school ..
    but when i found out this article . ssheez,, ! i can’t take that pictures!
    glad that it’s all in past now..^^

  56. redbean

    ga hee is too hot for seriously i can’t wait to see the girls that he and other tvxq5 members will end up with.sorry for my bad grammar.

  57. la odio pero k bien q terminaron jajjaaj

  58. Halys469

    Yoochun has good taste, I really like her, but I wouldn’t have recognized her, I think she puts really heavy make-up on. I prefer the make-up version she’s totally gorgeous. btw, if it’s before yoochun debut it means that our little yoochun was a minor and her 6 years older….Yoochun Daeback! xD
    joking :P

  59. iloveidols

    gahee jjang <3 <3 <3

  60. Lily

    I hate her soo much i think micky can do better that that i mean she is 6 years older what the hell

  61. It seems like yuchun loves kahi very much at that time. I wonder why they broke up.

    I dunno why i want yuchun to have a girlfriend rn. or he already have it?

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  63. pycfan

    ahh They really look good together. Yoochun Oppa is handsome and a nice guy and also have good taste in women. Gahee Eonnie looks really kind and georgeous too. No doubt they fell in love with each other but that was already in the past. And Yoochun Oppa cherish all his past r’ships you can see/feel it in his compositions, he treasures all the good memories. So I hope they found their love that they can cherish for their whole life. Now for Yoochun oppa I’m leaning toward this beautiful(both inside&outside) actress,she’s also older than Yoochun Oppa too, If they have feelings with each other, and things work out well I hope they can be lovers, a long lasting one^^

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    blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

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