Korean Fans Views On MIROTIC Chinese Version

Korean Cassiopeians’ Views on MIROTIC Chinese Version
칩대위창민 – Chinese is really … … very difficult. If it’s Japanese, we are still able to hum along, but for Chinese, how are we going to sing it?! China people are really amazing … …

샤옹샤옹 – The lyrics is going to be banned again, it’s even more powerful than Japan and Korea versions.

티아라나 – They used English for the rap part … … The lyrics is very poetic, even though i have done lots of practices, i still unable to sing along, i wish to listen to the full version of the Chinese version … …

슈퍼리어 – I’ve read abit of it and why is it so funny? (PS: This fan had read the Chinese words in accordance with Korean.)

티오에쵸 – The rap part is all in English, but the lyrics is very meaningful … …

촵웃김 – Lyrics … … It totally give me a very deep impression … … If the boys are able to sing it openly like this in our country with this kind of lyrics, that would be

샤쵸롭한 촵호제 – Chinese version … … The pronunciation is very tough. The lyrics totally fits the intentions … … Will the lyrics being banned? Wow … … Please reveal it as soon as possible … … Chinese version is so amazing … … Extremely powerful … …

날라리YJ – It’s so tough … … The pronunciation is full of passion, awwwww … … The notes are even more able to draw people … …

Spellbound – The rap is in English … … The lyrics is terrific … … It totally makes people obey unconditionally.

BADA – Ah … … It’s really awesome.

씨앗 – Chinese lyric version … … Woo Wow … …

퍼플리쉬 – So the pronunciation of “Na” is actually means “那(that)”, i still thought that why are there so many “I” in the lyrics. (PS: In Korean, “I” is pronunced as “NA”)

설잎녹차 – Just as expected, the lyrics … …

쓰나 – The rap part seems to have the same meaning as Sara Corner’s Under My Skin.

콩깍지 – Chinese lyrics version, woo wow … … To compare ours with the Chinese lyrics, ours is so much weaker, if the boys are able to sing it openly in our country with such lyrics, that would be great, hehe.

촹촹하고화샤하게 – The Chinese lyrics is more able to emphasize on the bad boy feel.
완콩 – Chinese lyrics … … Absolutely mystical.

깜별 – Totally speechless … …

쵸레로 – The lyrics for the rap part … … At first i still thought that it would be in Chinese, but it turn out to be in English.

Lell – Oh, the rap part is not in Chinese, the Chinese version really have the feel of Spell, when i first listen to it, nothing is more charm than this.

팔랑개비 – Compare with korean, the expression is even more undisguised. It totally give me the feeling that they are trying to smash the Youth Association up … …

1뿐짓동방 – It had expressed as if there is some spell on it, totally seems to have open sexual … …

쁘띠 – Let me conquer you … … Come on come on … …

JJ의이쁜이 – What a addictive lyrics … … When i saw “Hug” this word in the lyrics, it remind me of Hug Chinese version.


credit: emilytheblackpearl
trans: Jaesica @ fangirlmitz



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2 responses to “Korean Fans Views On MIROTIC Chinese Version

  1. Hey bb~

    You got the credits wrong for this post =__=

    One of our blog co-authors, Jaesica, worked hard despite having her school projects to translate it.. ^^ Please do credit her instead.

  2. Sorry, i dint know ~
    ok i’ll put her name^^

    Thanks for the info =]

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