Cassiopeia VS VIPs and WonderFuls



Seriously?? It’s from original source so i’m not just simply posting this. I just gotta ask, why?? I thought Cassies and VIPs and WonderFuls are friends living in harmony. But why all of the sudden VIP and WonderFul are so rude and mean? If you’re from korea or anywhere that has to do with this or know what’s going on, answer me. Tell me! We honestly don’t need another fan war like SNSD’s with Cass last year or Primadonna’s with ELF and Cass at 2007’s dream concert.


credit: sharingyoochun

——edited on 19 Jan 09——-

I went here and there to look for more informations about this and i couldn’t find more to report back. That says it, it’s an old news probably. I’ve found one thing, someone talked to her VIP friend and she said it’s an old news and both parties have already apologized. Relieve now? I know i am. Peace~



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9 responses to “Cassiopeia VS VIPs and WonderFuls

  1. emily

    hey..still there?
    haven’t sleep?
    i saw ur post at the tag surfer and the last time u post was about 20 minutes ago..

  2. haha yes i’m still here.
    after i saw this i’m just too angry to sleep.

    can we chat some place else?
    do u have a messenger?

  3. tiffany

    anyway,big bang and wonder girls fans are too rude to tvxq.
    but,i think tvxq fans will win at last.

  4. angelik_sweethart

    omg this is so so RUDE!!!big bang and wondergirl fans should just go and support and buy their artists’ ticket why do they have to do this its so stupid and mean…yes i dbsk fans will win in the end!they are much more compassionate!!

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  6. iamblunt

    hey. i think that this is already old news. i saw this before on daum and wonderfuls& have apologized already. it may be better to put this down in order to not cause more trouble with overseas fans of each group since the fans in korea are all good already. :D

  7. you sure? link here and i’ll check it out myself, thanks. In the mean time, i’m checking on other resources too. Just to make sure =]

  8. authentiquesaga

    You know, fanclubs always have some crazy people in them.. But when some of them do something wrong, people can’t just jump into conclusions that all of them are like that.. I am an overseas VIP, and I was truly shocked and disappointed by their wrong doings, but people can’t forget that they too, do mistakes.. And it’s stupid to say who will win in the end, this is not a war, or at least I don’t want it to be, but these kind of people make it worse.. This isn’t about the fans, I don’t give a damn about those K-VIPs who I disrespect now, or some crazy cassiopeians out there who hold a grudge on VIPs, I’m more worried about DBSK and BIGBANG’s feelings.. The thing is, they both work SO HARD and why do they get? FANWAR? this is sick. People should think before they ACT and TALK. online dissing is also counted in. they might see these kind of comments and they’re really disheartening.. :( why can’t they get along just like their idols? BBSK FTW <3

  9. mikhaila

    Korean fans are really war freaks, but some aren’t. I have read about a lot of fanwars and this actually normal to me.

    like: SNSD fans started hurting Cassiopeia and ELF because it was said that they turned off there glow sticks and stopped cheering when SNSD was performing.

    SNSD fans claim that DBSK sexually abused SNSD.
    [if i were SNSD i wouldn’t call that abuse.. :D sorry my fangirl thing is working up.]

    PRIMS of FTI started tearing up DBSK posters in one concert before.

    Well, i just really hope they stop it.. i mean, here in the Philippines, Cassiopeia PH, ELF PH, V.I.P PH, WONDERFULS PH, PRIMS PH etc. are all working together to support their kpop fans. they even held gatherings together. so i don’t get the point of fighting over this.

    There both artists, and individuals like us, they’ll get hurt if they heard about this.

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