SeungRi Is Embarrassed



About his kiss scene in the “Strong Baby” MV and his ab-revealing photo.

In a recent guest appearance by Big Bang member Seungri, on KBS Cool FM’s “Maybee’s Raise the Volume,” Seungri spoke about his solo debut and his feelings.

Seungri (19) who is the youngest member in Big Bang stated how embarrassed he was to film the controversial kiss scene in his “Strong Baby,” music video. He also stated:

I was embarrassed about my ab shot, because my body isn’t perfect yet. But once I work out some more, I will show it off proudly.


credit: allkpop



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3 responses to “SeungRi Is Embarrassed

  1. bigbang RI

    isnt he 18 tis year..

  2. yes. He just turned 18 actually. His bday is dec 12, 1990 :]

  3. nenzy

    wtf?he said his body is not perfect yet??gawd, it’s soooo perfect…he got 6-packs and the mv was sooo hot

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