Screencaps of JaeJoong In TaeGun’s Teaser




million thanks to emily<3

credit: emilytheblackpearl



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3 responses to “Screencaps of JaeJoong In TaeGun’s Teaser

  1. emily

    hey u didnt post the latest snsd perf?
    I’m kinda lazy to post it..
    it’s the latest u know..not that 2 days a go..but yesterday..
    and owh, do u hv toutube account?

  2. oh you mean the inkigayo perf?
    haha i dint. havent search for the HQ yet but it’s available for dl now at

    yea i do hav yt acc but juz have it for the sake of leaving comments and rating vids :p

  3. emily

    owh..u can find me under “emilytheblackpearl” account user…

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