[Info] JaeJoong And TaeGoon



It was also said that JaeJoong and TaeGoon’s relationship goes way back – they were childhood friends. And even with the mad busy schedule last year-end, JaeJoong had taken the time out for the filming of the MV.

JaeJoong will be appearing opposite Park Shin Hye in TaeGoon’s MV.

The title dance song to TaeGoon’s first minialbum ‘Call Me’ is produced by the same person who did Crown J’s ‘Fly Boy’. And fans are expecting to see dance choreography with the same vigor with that of Son DamBi’s ‘Crazy’.

Other than that, the minialbum will include 6 songs, including songs like ‘one two step’ and ‘I know that lady’ featuring the rap of singer H-Eugene.

TaeGoon will have his debut stage on MBC Music Core on 17th January.

credit: K Bites

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