Se7en Is A Diva



Los Angeles journalist David Yi wrote a succulently juicy account of running into Se7en at the KoreAm Journal Unforgettable 2008 awards ceremony in November.

According to Yi, Se7en a HUGE DIVA!!! He’s also delusional, but we’ve always known that.

Here are some scandalous, image-damaging highlights from the encounter:

[on Se7en’s performance] “I saw many people walking out, many to the bar.”

[on diva behavior] “He was backstage and didn’t even go onstage even when we tried to push him. He was too busy looking at his face and playing with his hair in front of a mirror.”

[on assimilating with others] “Se7en then left across the room to greet some non-Asians, giving them high-fives, exchanging handshakes. A false sense of Americanism.”


[on photo-ops] “Instead of simply smiling and putting an arm around a person’s shoulder like a normal person posing for the camera, he turned his back sideways, cocked his head up, and put two fingers on his lips in a shushing motion.”

[on speaking English] “There was no dialogue, no back and forth conversation. It was me asking him questions he didn’t care answering at a venue he could care less for, in front of Asian Americans he would rather choose not to associate with.”

I always knew that Se7en’s American debut wasn’t doing too hot, but this is worse than I imagined. Is his really how he plans to win over nonexistent fans? Se7en’s got a lot of nerve to act this arrogant for being a Verizon Wireless salesclerk.

To view the original entry from the journalist, click here


credit: seoulbeats



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4 responses to “Se7en Is A Diva

  1. babavivi

    O_O omg? LOL really?
    “He was too busy looking at his face and playing with his hair in front of a mirror.” ._.

  2. well, it was reported by that journalist that he was acting like that so i dont know whether it’s true or not..

  3. Maybe

    ^ Um, he was preparing for his performance. This journalist is an amateur and idiot. I think it’s really pathetic how this person is trying so hard to put down Se7en and having everyone follow suit. I’m sure there misunderstandings there (I know because my friend went to the event) and the guys’ questions WERE SO immature. It angers me so much how one poorly written encounter is tearing down Se7en’s reputation.

  4. yea i can relate to your anger.. but that’s how the media is.

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