Roger Ebert Knows WHo BoA is?!



Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Robert Ebert mentions BoA in his Chicago Sun Times blog article “Roger’s Little Rule Book” about the ethics and responsibilities of being a critic.

In it, he refers to BoA as the “Britney Spears of Korea”, but instead of intending it to be a compliment, Ebert degrades and shreds to pieces the legitimacy of the superficial title. He scathes, “If the Britney Spears of Korea is the real thing, Britney Spears should be known in Korea as the BoA Kwon of America.”


The famed film critic wasn’t purposely trying to pick a fight with BoA. His wry remark about her served to insult rival TV personality Ben Lyonswhose pathetic D-list birthday party BoA attended back in October.

I bet BoA regrets going in the first place and getting herself entangled in this petty feud, not to mention having her fame discredited. This definitely wasn’t the press SM was looking for.


credit : seoulbeats


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