YG’s Plans For Big Bang’s Solo Activities

Big Bang


Big Bang members will all go into their solo activities for the 1st half of next year, including member TOP’s solo album, before Big Bang’s new album in the 2nd half of the year.

First will be youngest member SeungRi. His first solo MV ‘Strong Baby’, included in Big Bang’s 2nd full album, will be released on 1st January. SeungRi has also performed his first solo stage on 29th December for SBS Gayo DaeJeon.

After SeungRi will be leader GDragon. He will take some time off for rest together with the other members after their concert in January and February. After which, he will start his solo activities. GDragon’s solo album will be released in April next year. Even though we have been informed of his solo album some time back, because GDragon has also been busy with YG’s new girl group debut, his solo album will only be released next April.

After GDragon’s solo activities, TaeYang will follow with his 2nd solo album. He is the first member of Big Bang to have his solo album. His 2nd solo album promises more personal unique music style and confidence from TaeYang.

Big Bang’s new album will be set to released in the 2nd half of 2009. And there are also plans for member TOP to have his own solo album. Amongst the other Big Bang members, he will be the busiest having to juggle group acitivities, solo activities and his acting.

Member DaeSung who has been busy with his musical ‘Cats’ will also continue to appear on SBS ‘Good Sunday’ ‘Family Outing’ corner.

This will be great news for fans, because even though we will have to wait to the 2nd half of year 2009 for Big Bang’s group activities, we will still get to see member’s solo act in the first half of the year.


p.s: reposting this cuz a lot of people doesn’t know about TOP’s solo activities

credit: K Bites


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