WonderGirls SunYe Involved In A Hit And Run


Wonder Girl Leader SunYe was involved in a hit and run incident on January 7th. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t in the vehicle at the time, so she wasn’t injured. 

OnSe Telecom had scheduled a fan meeting at the Seoul CheongDamDong Art Hole the same day. This incident caused about a 1 hour delay.

JYP representative said:

SunYe was supposed to come to our management offices in her car. All the Wonder Girls were supposed to meet at the management offices beforehand to go to the fan meeting together. Before she reached the management offices she was briefly parked somewhere to run a quick errand. During this time frame, the hit and run incident occurred while the car was parked. Because of this, she was delayed and couldn’t get to the management offices. We had to have a staff member pick SunYe up. It was our first fan meeting of 2009 and we apologize to the fans who had to wait through the delay.

Comedian Kim Wan Gi had to stall the meeting until the Wonder Girls finally arrived. Thankfully, SunYe wasn’t hurt. You can replace a car but you can’t replace someone as wonderful as SunYe.

In other delay news, The Wonder Girls will be delaying their concert that was scheduled on Valentine’s Day. Instead their concert will be held on March 28th so they can better prepare for it.


credit: allkpop


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