[Info] DBSK’s “This Is Why I’m Cool!”


Micky: Honestly, this is why I’m so cool. When I look at my self in the mirror after the shower, I think I see myself as a sexy one. Plus, even though I didn’t do a perm, my eyelashes look as if I got eyelash perm and my perfect face. This is why I’m so cool~

Jaejoong :
 This is why I’m cool. My hair, even without care, it’s just so perfect and silky! And unlike Micky, after the shower, my body always have muscles. Plus, my waist! No matter how much I eat, my waist size never changes and this is why I’m so cool!!

Yunho: This is why I’m cool~ Nose from the God!! My Noseline is so perfect and defined and that’s why I’m so cool! Ooh and my physical capabilities enough to protect my own girlfriend. What? Powerless? And something to keep that along with it, I’m a romanticist (oh dear..) This is why I’m so cool!

Changmin: This is why I’m cool. First of all, I’m the tallest out of all. Yeah, they’re all short, huh? ^^ And I have lots of hair, so I don’t have to worry about getting bald! Phew~ but thinking about the future, for Jaejoong, you don’t know when the hair loss will start for you. Huh?! And um, when I eat, I always eat a lot so even if we all pay for the meal/food I think I am advantaged so I eat a lot~ And this is why I’m so cool.

Junsu: This is why I’m cool. My S line, can you guys beat that?!!Why are you acting like that~ you know it~ And when I laugh, everyone goes crazy~ (Eukyangkyang) I’m sorry ><


credit: emilytheblackpearl


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