Big Bang To Publish Book On Their Success Story

Big Bang


I never see this coming but it’s good news anyway.

Big Bang will release a book on their success story, with the stories and experiences coming directly from each member of the group.

Publishing firm Sam And Parkers will release ‘(세상에 너를 소리쳐!) Shouting out to you in the world!’ with a subtitle ‘꿈으로의 질주, 빅뱅 13,140일의 도전 (The dash towards the dream, Big Bang 13,140 days’s Challenge) on 28th January.

There are many success stories of Big Bang out there, but this will be the first book with the stories coming from each of the 5 Big Bang members.

From their trainee days to their early days of debut and to being the representative idol group in Korea, the book will have each member’s experiences with in process of achieving their dreams, the times of failure and happiness.

The book also includes 4 pages of personal profile of each members, talking about strengths and weakness of each members and how each members have made the group such a successful group.

YG representative said, “The truth is that there has been many proposals to publish a story about Big Bang’ success, but President Yang Hyun Seok thought that many had just wanted to take advantage of Big Bang’s popularity on it.”

” ‘Shouting out to you in the world’ presents to everyone not the introduction to Big Bang but the collection of stories of experience from each members since last September.”

The story director to this book will be Kim Sae Ah.


credit: K Bites


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