SM-JYP-YG, Overseas Into The World War 3, Who Will Win?

[SPN News]
At the beginning it was only BoA and TVXQ, both SMEntertainment, but now also Seven and BigBang of YG as well as Park Jin Young of JYP attacked the United States and Japan markets, launching the challenge with each other.

Among the overseas activities of singers, SM Entertainment’s TVXQ, BoA and Super Junior are the most conspicious. But this year, YG and JYP also put forward a formal plan for the focus of overseas activities of their stars.

The first is SMEntertainment’s BoA and TVXQ, witness to every singer’s dream to stage for the American dream POP market and the world. TVXQ’s 2nd record market is in Japan devoting all of their efforts as the focus of their activities.

Last year after appearing for the first time on NHK Kohaku debut in Japan the status of the show proved that they will continue to carry out activities in Japan without pause. TVXQ in mid-January this year will release their single Bolero while afterwards on March they will release a formal album. For the first half of this year, they plan to focus on activities in Japan. All four of their singles released last year recorded on Japanese Oricon Weekly Chart at number 1 equally to Arashi as having Most No.1 Oricon Weekly Singles record in a year in the Japanese market. The record also garnered a lot of Asian music people’s attention.


Credits: SPN News + DNBN
Translations: Fangirlmitz


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