vote for dbsk!
Go to this site >> click here

1. Tick the box next to DBSK’s pic. Then the other 4 artist you like to vote for.
2. Scroll down and you’ll see a red button. Click it.
3. When it comes out with something 2008 2009…… means that you vote has been counted

SNSD is currently in the lead.
If the link doesn’t work, copy paste it to your browser.
Please vote for DBSK and help spread the word. Thank you^^ 

credit: minsarang + crazee91



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9 responses to “VOTE FOR DBSK!!

  1. Great news!
    I just went to site, again, to check the result and guess what?
    DBSK currently in lead!! woooots~~
    Spread the word and dont stop voting!!

  2. uknowlover2

    wow snsd can never NEVER pass dbsk

  3. Haha!! Let’s just vote more for dbsk^^
    We cant let our boys lose~~!

  4. tiffany

    cant believe SNSD can go in top 2,
    but TVXQ is still da best,rite CRAZEE?

  5. Yes, DBSK is the best^^
    That’s why we have to keep voting nonstop!
    Don’t give up~~

  6. babavivi

    what vote is this?? O.O

  7. It’s pandora tv issue award :]

  8. emily

    when will this vote close?

    and yeah..u can link to me..

  9. I dont know.. It dint say. Thanks^^

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