SNSD’s Gee Single

I just heard it. A fan recorded it.. the file is very LQ so i decided not to share till the real HQ is available. To be honest i thought the song might have an R&B feel to it after watching the teaser, but it’s similar to what they’ve done before. However, it’s still early to judge (esp when the file is LQ).

Now i just wanna check out the choreography to “Gee”. I read some comments in various sites saying the choreo is expected to be bad but i don’t recall seeing any dancing in the teaser though. 

Hopefully Father SM has something good up his sleeves to surprise us with SNSD’s comeback stage performance. Boy, he should since the date of SNSD’s comeback stage is on the date of “war of the roses” (as i read), which is also the debut of the new female group consist of 3 members named Brand New Day.

Good luck~



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3 responses to “SNSD’s Gee Single

  1. laura

    LSM hasnt been in korea for some time thats why there has been such a mess in sm lately so i really dont think that lsm choreographed it

  2. tiffany

    im so sorry to say,i got a little bit hate this song.

  3. babavivi

    gee gee gee gee
    gigi gigi .__.

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