KBS Banned Strong Baby


The banning binge continues! Wow, I’m amazed at the inept people that make these decisions. Maknae member of Big BangSeungri, had his solo banned by KBS yesterday. It wasn’t because of a bare chested Seungri, it wasn’t because of the scantily clad girls or Seungri touching his genitals or the suggestive dancing, it wasn’t even banned for the sexual lyrics. Nope, KBS has banned Seungri from performing the current version of “Strong Baby” because they believe that the word “Crack” used in the song refers to crack cocaine.


Take a second to absorb the stupidity. Done? Okay. Obviously, the people in charge at KBS are heavy users of cocaine if they honestly think that this song is, for no reason whatsoever, referring to crack cocaine. I mean, I speak English and that would have been the last thing that came to my mind. In fact, I don’t even know why they say “crack” in the first place…

credit: seoulbeats


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