Friends Don’t Lie

I don’t know if i should be the one to feel guilty or not because as far as i know, it’s not my fault. All i did was caught her red-handed for lying.

Melody and I agreed to go out shopping for a friend’s present and maybe a movie later. Honestly i was excited for it since i could hardly hang out with her after she started working. She even said she’ll drive us there. But on the second day she cancelled out on me because she had no money left to spare and she couldn’t give me a ride to the party because she’s busy with something she forgot to do. It’s fine that she had to cancel on the night before but when i called her and asked what she was doing, she said she’s out eating supper with her friends… but dint she cancel our date cuz she was broke?

The next afternoon i was out shopping with my parents and just as soon as i was inside the shopping complex, i saw Melody there. I stopped and stared in disbelieve… She was there hand in hand with the low life scumbag/liar/cheater she dated months ago which is also the ass that i still hate.

I hurried away to another direction, slowly then the anger and disappointment hit me. It was hard to take in at first but i managed to calm myself and not make a scene, or tackle them like how a tiger attack its prey, though i was really tempted to. On the ride home i thought to myself, why? Not the question why is she with that scumbag after what he did but the question why did she lie to me…

Questions kept burning in my mind after that. She could’ve told me the truth instead of lying about no money so can’t hang out (but she has money to go supper with friends). She could’ve told me she dint wanna hang out cuz she’ll be on a date with that ugly faggot. At the party, i told Amanda what happened. Minutes later Amanda got a call from Roseanne and she said she’ll be arriving with Melody. I was like “WHAT THE HELL?!!” The distance between where these both girl live are like half around the world while I live near to Melody’s. I was being lied to. Obviously. Secretly i was more sad rather than feeling furious but i did a good job covering that up.

What happened next at the party was me not talking to Melody. What did she expect? Me being oblivious to all her lies? I’m not sorry i can’t do that. We were best friends for the last 5 years and i never did lie to her. We might had some fights over the years but i never lie to her… then why did she? I’m still not sure if it’s my fault not talking to her at the party but i was angry as soon as i saw her presence so i don’t wanna do something i’ll regret.

A wise friend told me to give it some time and she’ll come around. It’s been a week since we text or talk to each other. Come to think of it i was pretty stupid to wait by the phone just in case she calls or text  but now i realized she doesn’t care about our friendship or me at all cuz if she does, she would’ve apologize already. I know i could be the bigger person and take the first step but i have too much pride in me to apologize for something i dint do wrong.

The more i think about how our friendship lasted for 5 years while her relationship with that ugly scumbag only lasted for almost 2 months but she still chooses him over me, the more piss off i am. Anyways, i hope she knows that boyfriends come and go but friend stay forever.



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3 responses to “Friends Don’t Lie

  1. tiffany

    Be strong max!

  2. lol! you referring me as Max? haha.. thanks~

  3. hlh

    to nic
    ya..i agree too..but she makes her own choice..not u n me..but eric..
    so..what can we do again??
    from mrswu

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