My First Entry To My First Blog

dsc00057Honestly, i don’t blog. Ever. But i don’t know why i bother to start now. . . However, my first entry i’mma dedicate it to my really close friend, Kelly.

   I remember the first time when we first met we were brought together because of WonderGirls. Haha~ She was so new to the KPop world she knew nothing at all! As soon as she found out about WG, she was hooked! That’s when we started talking and she started to ask more about WG. Sooner or later i got her to like my fav artist too, TVXQ.

  To think back, the day we met was not long ago. Now, it just seems like a distant memory from years ago. Funny how time can past so quickly we failed to ceased every chance we have to appreciate every moment. And tomorrow she’s leaving us to National Service. It just sucks that girls have to serve too. So not fair!

  Kelly, i want you to know i’ll keep my promise. I’ll do my best^^ I’ll miss you lots, my darling. Come home safely. We shall meet again. . . Love you<3



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3 responses to “My First Entry To My First Blog

  1. kannineccb

    hai nic..
    I love Chang Min’s puppy 2..
    donno 1 leave what comment 2 u orh..
    but all the best..
    nice blog..

  2. luhuihii

    i 4get change the name..

  3. luhuihii

    miss u n ah teo..

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